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Distilled water contains none of the contaminants from normal drinking water. You will notice an improvement in taste, not only in the pure water you drink - but also in teas, coffes, juices, home brew wine kits, beer kits etc. SmartStill home water distiller (steam distiller) will provide you with pH neutral, absolutely pure drinking water from any water supply!

Distilling water

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Purified drinking water - distilling the natural way

Distilled water is simply the best way of purifying drinking water. It is also the way nature itself purifies water through the hydrologic cycle. There are many advantages of drinking distilled water and using it for cooking, for making coffee or tea etc. You will notice that your coffee suddenly has more taste, your tea is more natural and many flavors you didn't notice before suddenly appears in your home cooked meals. Juices will taste much better, in fact anything you dilute with water before eating or drinking will benefit from an improvement in taste.

What is SmartStill - the easy still? 

SmartStill is an ingenious high quality engineered water distillation unit for home use. It is aircooled which makes it very easy to use. Just fill it with water from any supply, plug it in and forget about it. In a few hours you will have nearly 4 litres of high quality distilled water at a very low cost.

Why buy bottled water expensively when you can make it for (almost) free with your home distiller. SmartStill - the easy still! 

  • SmartStill home water distiller comes complete with all accessories you need. Just plug in and go.
  • SmartStill home water distillation unit is slightly larger than a kettle, it will fit in anywhere.
  • SmartStill home distillation machine not only IS smart. It LOOKS smart as well!

Why would you drink distilled water?

Most tap water in most countries is contaminated in some way. It can be high in chlorine content, high in fluoride, heavy metals (lead etc), bacteria - just to mention a few. By drinking distilled water you will actually dilute and cleanse out many accumulated impurities in your body as well.

Why distilling - and not just a water filter (activated carbon)?

Distilling is a copy of nature’s primary purification method - the hydrologic cycle. This is where water evaporates from oceans and lakes and condenses into clouds, then comes back as rain - or pure H2O. SmartStill home distillation evaporates the water, condenses it in the cooler, then letting it out through the nozzle as pure droplets of H2O!

Activated carbon water filters (or others like reverse osmosis etc) are good at removing some impurities - particles etc - but not very efficient with others like bacteria. A water filter will remove (some) impurities and leave the rest for you to drink. Distillation will extract absolutely pure H2O from any source and leave the rest behind.

The beauty of the home distiller is that it is very cheap to run and with a great capacity as well. One SmartStill will cover your family's total needs of pure drinking water! 
Distilling made easy!

SmartStill is a clever distiller - it can be used for both water distillations and for distilling alcohol (moonshine).


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