SmartStill countertop home water distiller - the easy still

Home distilling of water is probably the best way there is to get pure drinking water. Distillation has traditionally been difficult and a task for only the very technically minded but SmartStill changes that! SmartStill is the easy still. Only marginally larger than a kettle or coffee machine, this neatly designed trendy distiller will fit in anywhere and is just as easy to use as any kettle. Just switch it on. Simple as that.

Home water distiller

water distiller

The SmartStill home distiller package

Smartstill is a very advanced distiller for home use. All vital parts made from high grade stainless steel, it is air cooled which saves you the hassle and waste of using cooling water. This also gives you the freedom to put your home distiller anywhere convenient as long as you have an electrical socket nearby.

This is what is contained in your SmartStill home distiller package (plus the special quality plastic jug and carbon filter as seen on picture above):

 home distiller parts

SmartStill home distiller parts

First the still itself. As you can see, the distiller is a very sophisticated product, fully comparable to many times as expensive distillers.

SmartStill is air cooled - there is a 15W fan on the top. You can switch off the fan by unplugging the cord to the top. This should only be done for 5 minutes at a time and for sterilizing the cooler (by flushing it with steam).

WARNING: SmartStill is a delicate piece of electric equipment and you should under normal circumstances never open it or tamper with the internal construction in any other way. 

Spare parts can be ordered from your dealer in the unlikely case it would ever need repair. 

 activated carbon

SmartCarbon activated carbon

There is one 2-pack activated carbon in the SmartStill pack. That will take you through the first 5-10 distillations. This carbon is highly optimized for use with this still - especially considering the rather short contact time. Please do not use other activated carbons as they will likely give you a poor result.

Please note: There are many different activated carbons around but most of them are for other purposes and will not give you maximum effect on drinking water. 

 Distiller Cleaner

SmartClean cleaner/de-scaler

SmartClean is optimized to remove the scale and other solids from your SmartStill. Use one sachet every 5-10 distillations to keep your home distiller in perfect shape.

Do NOT use other cleaners, bleech or other aggressive chemicals as they will likely damage your still.

One sachet of SmartClean is included with your SmartStill when you buy it. 




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